Movies speak volumes to us as a people. They’re one of the most understated forms of storytelling in the education sector, yet address the multiplicity of human needs with regards to storytelling – visuals, words, sounds. Moving images to move people.

I’m not always super-serious, but for the sake of a photograph for my main website, I needed something. Sorry!

My name is Paul Carroll, and after a four-year teaching degree and a Masters in Multimedia, I came to the conclusion that addressing movies as a whole is a task worth the challenge, to look at them in the same light as I would the poems of Walt Whitman or the stories of Stoker, Shelley, Joyce, or Shakespeare.

My life is full of moving images, from weekly trips to the cinema since my mid-teenage years to the production of documentary work. With the Cinema Freak, it’s about time I did something with all of that experience.

Full disclosure: I have a soft spot for all things Disney, Pixar and Marvel. I get incredibly nerdy about them, to the point of freaking out with excitement while watching them. It happens with other movies by other production houses, when I can’t switch off “fanboy mode”. I enthuse openly. I develop bias. I understand this, and that’s why this site will not contain reviews. A review supposes an unbiased opinion as a basis for discussion. Expect criticism and analysis. Except recommendations and lists, and the odd attempt at humour. But don’t expect me to review something fairly with an X-star rating, because I don’t believe I’m capable of doing that – especially not immediately following the first viewing of a movie I love. Maybe with time, maybe with practice, but likely never with a star-rating.

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